New Skillz!

July 27, 2017

We are happy to announce that we have added a couple of new people to the team who bring in some additional skills to the team. Because FileMaker can interact with so many other services, such as web services, API’s, Google, QuickBooks, WordPress, we have been seeking out individuals with these related abilities.

Here’s what we can provide for you:

1. QuickBooks Integration – FileMaker & QBs can talk to each other, one-way, two-way, push/pull, whatever you need. No more need for double-entry. Sean helps us with this one.

2. WordPress Integration – Make a change in FileMaker and have it show up on your site. Nice! Mike M. helps us with this one.

3. Web Services – There is a lot of just general programming skills needing interaction with the web. We can do that now, such as web scraping, entering and submitting forms from FM to the web, and vice-versa. Carl can help you with that.

FileMaker can talk to the world, and we can help you with that!