One Big Reason to Use Web-Direct

April 18, 2017

Web Direct is FileMaker Pro’s technology for recreating the database application completely on the web so that any of your users can access the solution just with a web browser.

This has some great advantages, but also a couple of drawbacks.

First the drawbacks: FileMaker’s Web Direct although much improved over original versions has some issues which cannot be avoided because you are using a browser. That is, if your users were using FileMaker Pro to open up your application, you would have complete control over the user experience. But because they will be accessing your application through someone’s browser, there are factors outside of your control. Things such as type of browser, its settings, its security requirements, etc. Also you have to understand that your great application, which performs so flawlessly for you when testing it with FileMaker, will perform very differently for your users with a web browser. These factors will have to be considered and accounted for.

Now the big advantage to use Web Direct: There are some people, especially in larger companies, who do not want to install software. If you give them the standard FileMaker option, they will have to download the FileMaker Pro file, unpack it, and install it. Then they will need to enter the long license key, and maybe then it will all work OK. Some people simply do not like to do this. On the other hand, with a web-based solution using FileMaker’s Web Direct technology, all they have to do is click on a link, and they are at your application. Very sweet and easy.

So there are the pro’s and con’s, and you will have to decide for yourself which will work for your particular business application.