Real-Life: An Application to Track Human Tissue Samples

October 25, 2017

One of the applications which we have helped to sell as a vertical market solution is an app called “LifeLab”. It is software designed for human tissue banking. Basically, people who are suffering from cancer, and will be undergoing radiation or chemotherapy store their sperm/eggs so that if they were to become infertile, they would still be able to have children later on.

This is an application which we inherited. We cleaned up the relationship graph; improved the interface design and functionality; added many more features, and reports, and then created a system for importing and upgrading the file for each iteration.

Because it is in the medical field we had to be aware of HIPAA compliance laws. So we instituted Encryption At Rest (EAR), as well as data logging, automatic lockouts, etc. to make the data totally secure and private.

It was a long project but very rewarding.