Reasons NOT to Go Mobile

April 18, 2017

Mobile apps are very hot right now, and everyone may be telling you that it is the way to go.
But maybe it’s not!

If mobile is not a fit for your company needs, you may just be wasting money.
Since we make mobile apps at HighPower Data, it might seem strange to suggest this, but you have to find what’s right for your company (not ours).

Here are some downsides to mobile apps, which might tell against making such an app for your company.
Mobile downsides:
1. Obviously, there is limited screen real estate to display data
2. Less functionality than desktop
It is just too tight sometimes too squeeze in everything you can do on a desktop
3. Less processing power
4. Restricted printing options
In some cases, you cannot print the same way as you might on a desktop. This is especially true if you are using FileMaker’s Web Direct on a mobile app.
5. Sometimes there are synchronization issues if you are using your mobile app outside of wifi or data access points.

In many cases, mobile business applications are a great choice for companies. The ease of use and accessibility of having the data you need right now when you need it, can’t be beat. But each company must decide if its particular use case works for mobile. In either case, we are here to help.