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Data Conversions

Our FileMaker Applications can help you with data conversion!

Does your data look something like this? 

We can turn your paper-based system into a digital system.

Many offices are still using a large amount of paper to track, schedule, record, and update. We can create a digital, clean, eco-friendly office environment which will speed up workflow, improve find and search capabilities, and save on archiving costs and space. We can provide a data conversion strategy that is custom fit for your needs.

If you are using Excel for your business and find yourself creating all kinds of boxes, extra tabs, linked sheets to other sheets, then it is time to go relational with FileMaker Pro. Call us for a free data conversion consultation to discuss your needs.

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We can meet personally or via Zoom or phone to discuss your needs.

What else is FileMaker good for?

There are many routine and common functions which every business must perform over and over again. However, using FileMaker Pro app development, HighPower can build you a software system which automates many aspects of your business. For instance, following-up on leads, sending your employee staff hours to your accountant, tracking the estimated vs. actual cost of projects, and so much more.

Integrating your Data

FileMaker Pro is a relational database system so that you will only have to enter your data once. No more double-entry. No more dependence on spreadsheets to track your business data. Because of this, all of your data, files, documents, accounts, and anything you else you want to track, will all be in one place.

Coordinating your Employees

HighPower can help your employees to work together. We provide a common platform where everyone can work together even more. In other words, no longer will one employee have that person’s contact information just on their laptop (‘I left it at home today’)! Additionally, projects can be passed from employee to employee, or from department to department, with appropriate flags and notes attached, so that each department can see the work that has been done.

Also, we can integrate FileMaker Pro with your company needs, and with any web services or web subscriptions which you are currently using.

So, there is a better way to run your business, and we can help make that happen for you.