INTERMEDIATE: FileMaker Pro Training Class

November 10, 2020


FileMaker Pro Training Class

HighPower Data Solutions offers FileMaker Pro Training Classes by Robert Miller, a FileMaker expert with over twenty years of experience.
( Price is per individual )


INTERMEDIATE: FileMaker Pro Training Class

Get training by Robert Miller for FileMaker Pro!

Robert Miller has over 20 years of FileMaker experience.

What you will learn during FileMaker Pro training:

  1. Understand the relationships between tables, layouts and fields.
  2. Working with the relationship graph.
  3. Create special fields such as calculations, summary, container, dates and timestamp.
  4. Validate fields for accuracy before submitting them.
  5. Write a basic FileMaker script.
  6. Set up FileMaker security.
  7. Top ten suggestions for high speed in FileMaker.
  8. Four elements for more efficient FileMaker documents.
  9. FileMaker hosting options.
  10. Possibilities for FileMaker licensing.

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Price is per individual.