Symphony Server Manager

December 16, 2022
Kayla Backus


Manage servers with a robust user interface designed to make the task easier. Download the free edition below. Choose from the basic or unlocked versions here.

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Manage servers with a robust user interface designed to make the task easier.

Symphony Server Manager is a FileMaker app designed to track and manage any number of FileMaker and web servers. Save dozens of data points, such as OS and hardware specs, hosting providers, FMS Admin credentials, server versions, FileMaker licenses, SSL certificates and more. Retrieve and change FileMaker Server configuration settings directly from Symphony. From the list view, easily find the server you’re looking for in seconds. Learn more.

Three access levels offered: Free, Basic, and Unlocked

Key Features

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of servers.
  • Track hardware specifications, including processor, RAM, etc.
  • Track platform specifications, including OS, version, etc.
  • Track hosting providers with intelligent management features.
  • Track remote access options.
  • Track infinite number of SSL certificates independently from server configurations.
  • Extensive FileMaker Server Admin API support, including many settings not found in the Admin Console.
  • More responsive and accurate than the Admin Console—specifically when it comes to connected clients.
  • Mac users can import FileMaker favorites.
  • Built-in HTML / inline tutorials for documenting complicated procedures.
  • Multi-user friendly. Each user gets their own FileMaker Server Admin API token.
  • Easily apply FileMaker Server actions to all or select database files.
  • FileMaker Server Admin API values are retrieved and stored in related records.

Find the Symphony version that’s right for you.

Free Edition Basic Edition Unlocked Edition Admin Console
Maximum number of Server records 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1
Maximum number of SSL Certificate records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
Track hardware specifications (processor, RAM, etc.)
Track platform specifications (OS, version, etc.)
Track hosting providers with intelligent management features
Track remote access options
Extensive FileMaker Server Admin API support
Login free experience (avoid the 15 minute timeout)
Import FileMaker Favorites * *
Built in HTML/inline tutorials for documenting complicated procedures
Multi-user friendly
Open / Pause / Resume / Close / Remove select database files
Track database file size (in addition to other metrics)
Customizable by HighPower Data Solutions
Full developer access to make your own changes N/A

*Mac only support at this time.