Support Services

HighPower Data Solutions Provides Valuable Support Services


HighPower Data Solutions provides a variety of FileMaker Support Services to make your life easier and to provide peace of mind for the times when urgent FileMaker help is needed.

HighPower Standard Services

Our standard service includes…
    • Security updates
    • Filemaker updates
    • Keeping your licenses maintained and updated
    • Keeping you aware of important FileMaker news
Our standard support service comes at no additional cost. The only fees would be for the time it takes us to update and maintain your accounts and security.

HighPower Concierge Service

FileMaker Hosting Concierge is our premium service package and will take care of all the details of hosting your FileMaker database. This unique service includes finding a qualified hosting company in your area, sorting through the options for you, giving you the choice, and then handling all administrative tasks associated with the account such as billings, upgrades, renewals, etc. There is a monthly administrative fee for this service.

Emergency & After Hours Services

For emergencies and after hours services, please contact us for our after hours communication line.