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FileMaker Remote

How FileMaker can help your business in the ‘remote economy’ All businesses are in a new reality which we would never have anticipated three years ago. In the past two years, business have allowed their workers to work remotely out of necessity because of lock-downs. But now, in this post-pandemic economy, workers are demanding to […]

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Santa and the Island of Misfit Toys, er, Software

Not only toys, but software can be a misfit too. The Wrong Choice for your Company Somewhere in a boardroom in America right now, someone is making a decision about the best way to run YOUR company! How are they doing that, you may ask? By building an app for your ‘industry’. They are thinking […]

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How to Make FileMaker Really Slow!

Here are the top three mistakes people make when trying to build with FileMaker Pro by Claris FileMaker applications can be really fast and zippy, if they are built correctly. FileMaker is easy to use, which is great! But it is also easy to use wrongly, which is not so great! So, with a tongue-in-cheek […]

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Case Study

Case Study: a Printing Company

An interview with the owner reveals some powerful benefits to hiring HighPower Data to use FileMaker to run your business We sat down with Joe Cherrie, owner of a printing company, to discuss the ways that HighPower Data Solutions was able to assist them by installing a business SYSTEM using FileMaker Pro. Now just to […]

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FileMaker Update 19.4

FileMaker 19.4 is Here!

Claris’ Newest Offering in the FileMaker family builds on a solid set of releases in the version 19 space A few years back, Claris made a commitment to provide more frequent updates. Now, rather than having to wait for sometimes a year or more, they began offering releases almost every quarter. The change is most […]

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two hands each holding an Android phone

FIleMaker Mobile Apps On Android

Are your ready to use your Android to access your data using FileMaker? It used to be that if you owned an Android device, you were out of luck when it came to FileMaker. The good news for all Android users is here. FileMaker has made adjustments to their Web Direct technology now so that […]

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person writing on tablet

FileMaker Developer Insights on Traction & Satisfaction

Every small business owner knows that it pays to get things done. But for those wearing multiple hats in their business, getting traction on their to-do list can be a challenge. Traction is the ability to get things done. It involves focusing on a job, executing along plan, and finally seeing results. Traction results in […]

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hand writing in notebook next to opened Macbook

FileMaker and the “File Options” command

FileMaker has a variety of features to help you automate your business, including the File Options feature. “File Options” can be found in the File menu of File Maker Pro and Advanced. It has several useful tools for you, and also a couple of “gotchas!” if you are not careful. First, it can provide automatic […]

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FileMaker Product Road Map

FileMaker recently shared their “roadmap” for the future of their amazing software platform. Here at High Power Data, we’re excited about Filemaker’s strategic plans moving forward and the great ways we can continue to partner with your business. You can see the highlights below or watch the full video on the FileMaker Community Site. Some […]

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Minneapolis FileMaker 3D Development Phases

At HighPower Data, we partner with our clients to produce a great quality product for business. Following our 3D development process, our Minneapolis-based FileMaker Developers can help you automate and streamline your business. Many of you have asked, “What is your process for my FileMaker project?” From start to finish, we work with you to […]

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