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Case Study

Case Study: a Printing Company

An interview with the owner reveals some powerful benefits to hiring HighPower Data to use FileMaker to run your business We sat down with Joe Cherrie, owner of a printing company, to discuss the ways that HighPower Data Solutions was able to assist them by installing a business SYSTEM using FileMaker Pro. Now just to […]

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New Software

HighPower’s Newest Software Offerings

Two Software Products have been added to the Claris Marketplace Claris has approved the addition of two of our powerful software tools to their Claris Marketplace. If you are not aware of what this is, the Claris Marketplace (, is an international repository of top FileMaker Pro software. Last month our Freelance agency software which […]

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Freelance Software

Freelance Software: A Quick Overview

New Product Built with FileMaker Pro to Grow Your Own Freelance Agency HighPower Data Solutions is offering a new product on our product store. It is called “Freelance Software” and it is a fabulous tool for anyone who wants to grow their own freelance agency. Whether you are working with software, websites, or are a […]

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3 Freelancing Tips

The Three Essentials for Freelancing and how HighPower Freelance Software can Help

These three actions must be done, or you are out of business Anyone who runs a freelancing business must not only know these three things, but execute them very effectively. Basically, you need to know it, and you need to do it. Without these three, you do not have a freelance service. 1. Every Freelancer […]

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Business Process Checklist

Freelance Project Software: The Business Process Checklists

Building a SYSTEM is the name of the game if you are building a business. We often use the acronym here of SYSTEM, which stands for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money. One of the cool functions of Freelance Project Software is that it will help you to build a SYSTEM into your business. […]

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Computer Software

HighPower Freelance Project Software: Licensing & Hosting Modules

Special project tracking options for freelance software agencies We specifically designed HighPower Freelance software to make it easy for software agencies to track their hosting & licensing data. We understand this, because we are also a software agency. We know that there is a LOT of data to track when it comes to licenses and […]

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HighPower Freelance Software: The TASK Module

Never Lose an Income Opportunity Again! I want to share with you an experience which I had this week using our HighPower Freelance software. This is focused on the Task module of the software. Just as a quick refresher HighPower Freelance has a structure like this: Clients have Projects, and Projects have Tasks. A Project […]

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Drowning in Data

Companies have too much data, but not the right tools to analyze it all. In the May 2020 issue of Twin Cities Business, is an article written by Gene Rebeck, entitled “High Tech Advantages”. The focus of the article is how new technologies offer efficiencies for businesses to better meet their customer needs. One interesting […]

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Creating Proposals in HighPower Biz CRM

How to write clear and confidence building proposals Potential clients want to know what they are getting into when they contact your company about software development. They have concerns about the process, the timeline, and the budget. If you can present them with a clear proposal which outlines major features, costs, and timeline, you will […]

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A Whole New CRM World

If you are like me, you have tried many types of project management software for your company, and have not found anything that fits exactly to your needs. Since we are a software company and develop custom business automation software, I decided that we should just build our own. We have been developing it for […]

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