A Whole New CRM World

February 15, 2020

If you are like me, you have tried many types of project management software for your company, and have not found anything that fits exactly to your needs. Since we are a software company and develop custom business automation software, I decided that we should just build our own.

We have been developing it for about eight months so far. It has been a blast! It is a lot of fun, designing and then immediately using software for your company.

Our tool of preference is FileMaker Pro. Now the exact format doesn’t matter, but if you are a FileMaker fan, then you will want to know this piece of trivia; if you have never heard of FileMaker, then don’t worry about it. The main thing to understand is that this is some cool, easy-to-use software which will make managing the customers & projects within your company so much easier!

One thing we pride ourselves in at HighPower Data is creating software SYSTEMs for business. What is SYSTEM software? It is business automation software which will Save You Stress Time Energy & Money! That is what we build for our clients and that is certainly what we build for ourselves as well.

So we have built this super-cool software for our own company which is really fun to use, easy, and effective. We’ve built it, and now we are in our own personal use stage. This is the stage before we invite beta testers to come in and try it. We are using it to run our own business, and getting any of the kinks worked out of it. We also continue to add cool new features as we go.

OK, so what can this new software do for your business, and how can it Save You Stress Time Energy and Money?

That is what this series of blogs are about.

We will soon be adding a form here so that you can sign up and get notified of each forth-coming blog. Because there are a LOT of features and benefits, and I cannot detail them all here.

But check out the next blog after this one, where I will begin to outline all the awesome features.

Oh, what’s it called? It is called, HighPower Biz Management Software.

Check out the next post.

Best to you,

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~William Miller
Creator of HighPower Biz Management Software
Author of “Easy Apps!” (about building apps with FileMaker Pro)

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