Claris Studio Update 1.11

June 15, 2023
William Miller
Claris Studio integrates FileMaker data easily onto the web using a new forms feature.
Health insurance web site modish registration system for easy form filling

Claris continues to build a new web-based version of “FileMaker” .

They just released version 1.11, but before we get to that, allow me to explain a bit of the bigger picture.

Claris has been upgrading FileMaker Pro along two fronts for a few years now. First, they continue to upgrade and enhance FileMaker Pro by adding more web-based features. The principle example of this is how they keep improving the Insert from URL command which allows the use of REST services, and is the primary tool for interacting with API’s of all sorts.

But they are also pursuing a completely web-based solution which will fit in very well with the general trend towards totally web-based software services. This pathway is called Claris Studio. It is FileMaker plus a lot more.

Its principle attraction is that it is much easier to build out web forms which feed data directly into a FileMaker solution.

So they have been updating it on a regular basis. And even though it is still a first generation product, they are now up to 1.11. So here is the press release from Claris about it:

Claris Studio 1.11 went live on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, with a range of enhanced features that help you deliver a tailored form experience for your customers. The Claris team listened to feedback from our partners and the at-large developer community to build the improvements in this release. See what’s new in Claris Studio and how you can leverage the added functionality to save time for you and your customers:

  • International data formatting. Claris Studio can now handle region-specific data formatting for dates, times, currency, and phone numbers. For example, July 10, 2023, will display as 10 July 2023 or 10/07/2023 if the user is in European locale. This enhancement prepares Claris Studio ahead of the implementation of new data centers outside the United States.
  • Optimized user journey for anonymous data collection. With Claris Studio 1.11, developers have the option to choose the URL of the confirmation page for anonymous form submissions. Users will benefit from a more cohesive brand experience because your customers’ forms can redirect to their website once submitted instead of landing on a Claris Studio URL.
  • Pre-filled forms. Developers have been asking about support for query strings that pass previously collected data to their forms. Good news! Claris Studio 1.11 offers this functionality, which helps users save time when completing form fields. This is a first iteration for pre-filled forms. Further development is planned to provide a more seamless experience.
  • Support for more calculation functions. Claris Studio 1.11 provides new calculation options that can help you better validate your customers’ Claris Studio data. The support for additional calculation functions gives you more flexibility to develop forms based on your clients’ needs.

As I look at this list, I can see that the Pre-filled forms is going to be a useful function. (Don’t you hate it when you go onto a website where you have entered your info before and it forces you to re-enter it every time? This will solve that.)

So if you are interested in exploring more web-based tools for your website, feel free to contact me.

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