Creating Proposals in HighPower Biz CRM

March 28, 2020
William Miller

How to write clear and confidence building proposals

Potential clients want to know what they are getting into when they contact your company about software development. They have concerns about the process, the timeline, and the budget. If you can present them with a clear proposal which outlines major features, costs, and timeline, you will do much to build their confidence about working with you.

HighPower Biz CRM allows you to track all of your Proposals which you have created. Here’s what you can track for every proposal:

  • Estimated Value of the Proposal
  • Percentage Likelihood of acceptance
  • Likely Value
  • Rate
  • Range of Hours
  • Timeline
  • Date Submitted
  • Date Due
  • Current Status (Estimating, Submitted, Accepted, Rejected)
  • Reason for acceptance or rejection

As you prepare the Proposal, you will be entering:

  • Description
  • Scope
  • Estimate Elements (Title, Description, Hours (Hi & Low), current Status)
  • Include any relevant Files for the Proposal
  • Tagging for later retrieval based on various tags / categories
  • Private Notes just for you

When the Proposal is ready, click the print button, and a professional and clear proposal will be prepared for you in PDF format to be sent to your prospect.

When they receive the Proposal they will see a proposal which has an estimated rage of hours, a timeline, a description of the scope, and any other notes you wish to add. It will answer many of their questions, and put you ahead of the competition who are delivering just a verbal estimate, or a vague proposal without the level of detail which you are including.

When your Proposal is accepted, just click the “Convert” button, to transform this into an active Project in the PowerBiz CRM system. You will still have the Proposal to refer back to if you wish, but a new Project will exist. And all the line items of the Proposal are converted to Tasks which are part of the newly created Project.

Clarity is the name of the game here. Your prospects will have clarity about what you are offering them. And you will have clarity about exactly what you promised. And the Proposal is integrated with all the related information about this Client, and their Projects.

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