FileMaker is Poised to “Boom from the Coronavirus Crisis”

May 01, 2020
William Miller

A recent article on May 1st, 2020 by Eric RosenBaum at CNBC makes this amazing claim.

The article is entitled, “An Apple business you may not know that’s poised to boom from coronavirus crisis.”

Some people may not know that Claris (formerly known as FileMaker, Inc) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple. The article states that “Apple owns enterprise software company Claris and its low-code application development software called FileMaker.”

Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris says in the article that “There is a massive opportunity for low code [software like FileMaker] to help in the Covid-19 situation.” That’s because in some sectors, like health-care there is a need to very quickly develop applications which assist in either decision-making process, or data-tracking process of a rapidly spreading pandemic.

The article then references a need for health-care providers in Europe who had made a detailed decision tree map to assist with triage of covid-19 patients. It was just a massive drawing on a white board which was not very practical to put to use in the hospital emergency rooms. Claris worked with them to develop a triage app in just one day. This is the power of low-code software.

Another factor which will increase the need for software like FileMake is the need to work remotely. FileMaker makes it very easy for remotely dispersed workers to access the same company data and update records in real-time.

A third factor which could spur the growth of Claris is the need for cost-cutting at this time. Low-code software solutions allow for average workers to make minor adjustments to their company’s database applications without the need to hire outside software contractors to do the work. The dollars can then be saved or used for more complicated solutions.

Claris corporation and its flagship product, FileMaker, are poised for great growth in the days and seasons ahead.

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