Freelance Software: A Quick Overview

July 23, 2021
William Miller
Freelance Software

New Product Built with FileMaker Pro to Grow Your Own Freelance Agency

HighPower Data Solutions is offering a new product on our product store. It is called “Freelance Software” and it is a fabulous tool for anyone who wants to grow their own freelance agency. Whether you are working with software, websites, or are a graphic artist, or any other sort of content and digital creator, this software will help you to run your own agency.

HighPower Freelance is software for freelancers who want to grow their business.  With the ability to track clients, proposals, projects, tasks, invoices, and worklogs, the software provides everything one might need to start and expand their software agency.  There are two special modules especially designed for software companies; these are Licenses and Hosting, to track the many details associated with selling licenses and providing hosting to people. 

The structure of HighPower Freelance is very straight-forward:

  1. Clients have Projects
  2. Projects have Tasks
  3. Tasks are made of Worklogs  
  4. Worklogs are assembled into Invoices.  
  5. Invoices make you money!

There are ten major sections of this software:

  1. The Business Dashboard
  2. Clients
  3. Proposals
  4. Projects
  5. Tasks
  6. Hosting
  7. Licensing
  8. Worklogs
  9. Invoices
  10. Settings

If you want to learn more about this great software, you can check out more details and screen pics on the Freelance Software page.