HighPower Freelance Software: The TASK Module

November 07, 2020
William Miller

Never Lose an Income Opportunity Again!

I want to share with you an experience which I had this week using our HighPower Freelance software. This is focused on the Task module of the software.

Just as a quick refresher HighPower Freelance has a structure like this: Clients have Projects, and Projects have Tasks. A Project is a large job which a Client has hired you to perform. It could be “Rebuild Website”, or it could be “Create a new FileMaker file”. That Project has a bunch of smaller Tasks as a part of it, such as “Create table one of the application”, “Create table two”, or “Create all the fields” or “Design the customer layout interface”, etc.

It is your ability to manage Tasks which will make or break your business. Here is what I mean: suppose you are working on the Project for your client, and you receive an email that says s/he also wants you to do this other particular Task. That’s great! That means that they have just given you more work today, which means you will earn more income. But what if you forget that Task? Then you have just lost an opportunity to make some additional money. (You might think, I won’t forget!) But that is only true if you have so few tasks to do that you can remember them all. Once your freelance business starts growing, the goal is to have lots of tasks to do. So how are you going to remember them all? Spreadsheet? Please! This is why we have created HighPower Freelance; so that you will have a place to capture those tasks immediately, and have them in your system.

Now if your client has just emailed you with an additional Task to do, you immediately “Create a Task” in HighPower Freelance for that Client. Now when you go to view that Client or that Project, you will see all those additional Tasks which he has emailed you about. (“Oh yeah, there’s that Task he asked me to do while I was in the middle of that other thing. Now that I have some free time, I will do that too!”)

And so what you have just done, is increase your bottom line because you didn’t forget something important. When a Client asks you to do more work for him/her you can track those requests and get the work done.

And so that is one benefit to the Task Module in HighPower Freelance software. It helps you to earn more money by making sure that you never forget a billable Task. Just this module alone will pay for the monthly subscription fee.

Now here is an additional benefit of the Task Module: Every Task has a Status field. This field can be set to “Not Started, Working, Waiting, Testing, Completed, Confirmed by Client, Evaluating, On Hold, and Cancelled”. Theses Status fields will really help you to stay on track with where you are at with your dozens of Tasks every week.

So here is what happened this week; a Client contacted me and said that they had just tested a certain section of the software, and there were a number of errors in it. Since I wasn’t intimately involved in this part of the development, I was a little surprised and confused by this comment. So I went to the Task Module for that Client, and did a search. (There is an option to “Search All Tasks”, which I did.) I found the Task in question, and then noticed its Status was “On Hold”. Then I remembered that the Client, due to financial limitations, had told us to hold off on that Task for right now. He apparently forgot the same thing, and so was wondering why it was incomplete. I was very relieved that I was able to tell him that we had never worked on that particular Task, and that would explain why it wasn’t working properly.

And so the Task Module of HighPower Freelance software will not only earn you money, by making sure that you never forget a billable Task, but it will also protect your reputation should you ever be accused of not completing a Task properly!

This is just another cool benefit of HighPower Freelance software, a great project management tool to help you grow your freelance business.