HighPower Freelance Software

July 04, 2020
William Miller

Project Tracking Software for Freelancers

We’ve finally landed on a new name for the software which we have been developing for nine months now: HighPower Freelance. This is Project Tracking Software for Freelancers.

We came to this conclusion in recognition of the fact that it is basically freelance work and our freelance software which has been driving our growth as a company. The tools and conveniences which we have built into the software have been put there to make our life easier as freelancers. We are able to track our many clients, projects, tasks and worklogs now because of the software we have built.

I wrote a blog piece recently entitled, Drowning in Data. The focus of that piece was about companies having too much data and no way to analyze it. For our purposes, we were feeling like we had too much data to track, in terms of all the Tasks we had to do for various clients. We were losing some of those Tasks, and therefore not only not getting work done for clients, but also leaving money on the table for work we could have done. This was a situation we needed to change if the company was to continue to grow.

It really is true, that your software (and therefore your processes, in most cases), can be the bottleneck preventing your company from growing. If you cannot respond in a timely manner to client requests, your growth will slow down. And if your software is not making it easy to track and follow those requests, then your software itself is the cause of the problem. So why not get software that helps you grow?

That is why we created the HighPower Freelance software. We want software which will make it easy for us to care for the needs of our clients. Now there is, of course, a ton of project management software out there. But as we tested and tried various types of software, we never found one that worked really well for us. Some did not include billing options for the work records, and those which did had their own proprietary system of billing which did not fit with what we do. So we wrote our own.

We feel it will not only suit our needs but fit the needs of users who have these traits:

  • They do a lot of freelance work
  • They sometimes use Upwork
  • They want a timer which will automatically track the hours which they work per client, per project, and per task
  • They need an easy & automated invoicing system
  • They want an easy way to know who has paid them & who still needs to pay them
  • They want to send out invoices directly from the software tracking the work
  • They want the invoice line descriptions to automatically capture the work they did for every Task, Project & Worklog.

We needed the same things, and put every one of these features into HighPower Freelance software.

We will soon be offering trial tests of the beta version. Let us know if you want to give it a test-drive.