HighPower’s Newest Software Offerings

September 23, 2021
William Miller
New Software

Two Software Products have been added to the Claris Marketplace

Claris has approved the addition of two of our powerful software tools to their Claris Marketplace. If you are not aware of what this is, the Claris Marketplace (marketplace.claris.com), is an international repository of top FileMaker Pro software. Last month our Freelance agency software which sells for $499 was approved. And this past month, our amazing FREE PowerStart software was approved.

Both pieces of software in the Claris Marketplace require a FileMaker Pro license to use. So you will need to have FileMaker before you can use such items as the free PowerStart software. But if you don’t have that, we can get it for you.

Freelance Agency Software

Since the “big resignation” of 2019-2020, many people have left their former jobs and started their own businesses. In many cases, these are creatives or software developers who want to do their own thing. For some, they have dreams not just to go solo, but to begin hiring others to assist them in serving their clients. I understand this since years before, I did the very same thing. I left my job and started a FileMaker development freelance business. And it wasn’t long after that, that we transitioned to being a freelance agency which hires other freelancers, and employees, to assist us in our task to “automate the success of our clients”. We build custom business automation software to help clients experience less stress, save time, energy, and money.

After doing this for a few years, our business started to grow, and soon I was managing more projects than I felt comfortable managing. I knew that I would need a project management system to assist me. I tried Basecamp, and Trello, and Asana, and Kanbanflow, and I suppose a few other systems. None of them checked all the boxes I needed which were: easy to use, integrated billing with projects, easy breakdowns between projects, tasks, and worklogs, that also included help for tracking client software licenses, and client hosting accounts. Plus many of them were very expensive. So after trying that for a while, I decided to build my own. First draft was pretty terrible. But we limped along with it for a year, while I rewrote it. from the ground up, including everything I discovered we needed in our company system. And that is how we developed Freelance project management software (projects.highpowerdata.com).

It is now a great tool. If your company is experiencing bottlenecks, in terms of getting invoices out, or preparing proposals, or tracking projects & tasks and who is working on what, then this software is for you. It has helped us to double the annual income of our company. It has done this by giving a way of keeping an eye on many projects at a time.

The concept is very simple: Clients need Proposals. Proposals become Projects. Projects have Tasks. Tasks require Worklogs to show who did what and when they did it. Worklogs get turned into Invoices. And it is all tied together, so you can check history and progress of anything in the system.

So this software is available now in the Claris Marketplace, as well as in our company store. The cost is $499, as a one-time purchase. (No monthly subscription fees!). You will need a FileMaker license to run it. We can set you up with licensing and hosting. And we can provide tech support and orientations to get you started with the software.

FREE PowerStart Software

Everybody likes free!

Our powerful PowerStart software can get you started for most any business tracking need. You can tack Customers, Contacts, Invoices, Inventory, Jobs and Staff. The system software gives you quite a bit of flexibility to run your company and business the way you want. And the beautiful thing about it is that if you need it, we can customize the software for you.

The free PowerStart software can also be found on marketplace.claris.com. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

So, we are happy to report this news. You have two new and excellent choices in the Claris Marketplace to grow your business.