How HighPower Data can help your business in the Remote Economy – PART 3 of 3

February 20, 2023
automated gears
Create an automated digital SYSTEM

This is the third of a three part series about how HighPower Data can help:

  1. Automate your Business
  2. Integrate your Data
  3. Coordinate your Employees

3. FileMaker Pro can also help you to Coordinate Your Employees

In a lot of businesses, there is an assembly line of steps which must take place to serve a customer. Take the example of a print shop.

• Sales department speaks with new customer about a project.
• Then graphic design department works up the new logo.
• Then pre-production places the logo onto their new letterhead.
• Then production completes it.
• Finally, it goes to shipping.
• Completing the circle, sales is informed, to check in on the customer.

How would you manage this six-step process?
Move a piece of paper from department to department?
Rely on memory to perform the next step?
Call the next employee on the phone to perform the next step?

Checkmark Build an integrated project management system where each department does their work, and when completed, just checks off the completed button for their department, to move the process along.

Because of the integrated nature of such an automation system, we at HighPower Data like to call it a “SYSTEM” that
Saves You Stress, Time, Effort, and Money”!

This is the last of the three part message about Automating, Integrating, and Coordinating with FileMaker.

That is why FileMaker Pro by Claris is the perfect solution for growing companies, and for organized companies.

HighPower Data can automate any business with our FileMaker SYSTEM.

Just because the list is digital doesn’t mean it’s automated. 

Contact HighPower Data today for your customized digital SYSTEM.