How HighPower Data can help your business in the Remote Economy

February 06, 2023
automated gears
Create an automated digital SYSTEM

  We are in a new reality. Workers are demanding to work remotely and employers are relenting—even at Apple. Rather than fight the inevitable, HighPower Data has the automated business solution to let your business continue to thrive in the post-pandemic, remote-work era. FileMaker has all the tools to let your workers work, and your business to make money.

This is the first of a three part series about how HighPower Data can help:

  1. Automate your Business
  2. Integrate your Data
  3. Coordinate your Employees

1. Automate your Business

HighPower Data Services, with our suite of tools including FileMaker linked with interactive-smart websites can help you to manage your business by automating many processes.  

Typical example: a potential new customer contact. 

You want to:
1. Capture their information 
2. Find out who they need to talk to
3. Send them some information
4. Schedule an appointment with a salesperson 

It’s a simple,
common list of actions
complicated by the need to transfer the same information to multiple employees with disparate tasks,
who each may need to update and use the data in for their own responsibilities.

What you have is a set of disconnected actions, people, and data, without a clear automated system to pull it all together. With FileMaker we can build an automated SYSTEM which guides your employees to take the actions which you want them to take.

We can help build business processes into FileMaker to help your employees to get their work done.

Your desk person uses 

   • the FileMaker CRM system as they speak with the customer, 

   • filling in the highlighted fields to obtain the correct info and then 

   • completing the interview with a press of a button which will activate a    

   • series of pre-programmed follow-up steps, notifications, and emails

   • to the relevant staff members.

HighPower Data can automate any business with our FileMaker SYSTEM.

Just because the list is digital doesn’t mean it’s automated. 

Contact HighPower Data today for your customized digital SYSTEM.