Keeping Track of Clients with HighPower Biz CRM

March 21, 2020

How to segment your clients using HighPower Biz CRM Software

I consider my clients my friends. Yes, it is a friendship based on a business relationship, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other and have a good time working together. Part of having a positive relationship is knowing what’s going on with each other. We built the HighPower Biz CRM software so that we could stay up-to-date with where our clients are at, both personally and professionally.

Using the powerful and beautiful FileMaker Pro software platform, we have built a great tool for segmenting and tracking our clients. It is easy to use, to understand, and beautiful to behold.

There are seven segmentation categories available for each client. These are used to assign certain characteristics or status traits to each client so we can easily group our clients as needed for followup or marketing.

Those seven segmentation categories are:

  1. Overall Status: Active or Inactive
  2. Current Project Status: Active or Inactive
  3. Phase: Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment, Maintenance or Change Order
  4. Priority: A, B,C
  5. Relationship: Lead, Prospect, Client, Developer, Vendor
  6. Urgency: Hot, Warm, Cold
  7. Services Purchased: Licensing, Hosting, FileMaker Development, Web Development, Training, Software

These are the categories used for segmentation. We have a ton of other fields which can be used to track the usual: Contact info, Finances, Business Notes & Industry, Marketing steps taken, Customer Bio, and Contract details.

In the Customer Bio section is where we keep details about our clients which we like to know, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Notes about family or children, etc. We also track whether we have sent them Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards, birthday cards, various special gifts, etc. We love to know about what is happening with our clients. They are, after all, people with family and goals themselves. We want our business to help to sustain and prosper their business and families. Because if they do well, so do we. As they say, in a rising tide, all the boats in the harbor are lifted up.

Then, not to bore you with too many details, I’m hoping, every client can have another bunch of records associated with them. (It is, after all, a relational database). So here are the related records for every client or prospect:

  • Communication Log
  • Files
  • Hosting
  • Licensing
  • Invoices
  • Login Details
  • Meetings & Notes
  • Payments
  • Projects
  • Proposals
  • Tasks
  • Worklog

All of this is to know where are we at with our various clients & prospects. What can we do to meet their needs? What have done, and what is yet to be done?

HighPower Biz CRM is a tool to help us serve our clients well. So far, it is working well.