Santa and the Island of Misfit Toys, er, Software

December 22, 2022
rudolph reindeer cartoon
Rudolph reindeer. Merry Christmas. Santa Claus’s reindeer. Sticker.

Not only toys, but software can be a misfit too.

The Wrong Choice for your Company

Somewhere in a boardroom in America right now, someone is making a decision about the best way to run YOUR company! How are they doing that, you may ask? By building an app for your ‘industry’. They are thinking about all the things that MOST companies do (but not YOUR company). You may have some specific ways that you do business, but they are not concerned with that. You may have a very special customer service portion of your business, but if most other businesses do not do it the same way, then that feature will not be in the software.

You see if they build software for 80% of the way that most companies in your field do business, that that means it is a 20% misfit for you!

In the island of misfit toys, Santa may be able to come to the rescue; but in the land of misfit software, who will rescue you?

The Right Choice for your Company

At HighPower Data & Design, we specialize in making customized business software that fits you perfectly. It fits your business like a glove, because we conduct data workflow interviews to understand how your company operates. Then we design custom-crafted software that fits your company perfectly.

The software technology we use to do this is Claris’ Filemaker Pro along with integrated ‘smart’ websites that work for you 24/7. When we combine the logic and all of the scripting of a powerful database-driven CRM solution for your business, and link it to your company website, that is an unbeatable combination. It will put you miles ahead of the competition because it will make you a stand-out that can do things more quickly and efficiently than others.

It was a happy ending for Rudolph and all the misfit toys. It can be a happy ending for you as well!

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