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FileMaker Remote

How FileMaker can help your business in the ‘remote economy’ All businesses are in a new reality which we would never have anticipated three years ago. In the past two years, business have allowed their workers to work remotely out of necessity because of lock-downs. But now, in this post-pandemic economy, workers are demanding to […]

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How to Apply Elon Musk’s Engineering Philosophy to Your Business

or, How you can improve your business using FileMaker Pro There was an interesting article in Lucept: ( ) about Elon Musk and his engineering philosophy. I will summarize the five main points from his philosophy here, and then talk about how at HighPower Data Solutions, using FileMaker Pro, we can apply this same […]

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How to automate your business

How to Automate Your Business in Five Easy Steps

Yes, the title is a bit facetious; anyone whose been in business for any period of time knows that nothing is easy! But I will try to simplify it so that you can see the way through the trees out of the forest to focus on the single goal of business automation. Why Automate Your […]

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FileMaker is Poised to “Boom from the Coronavirus Crisis”

A recent article on May 1st, 2020 by Eric RosenBaum at CNBC makes this amazing claim. The article is entitled, “An Apple business you may not know that’s poised to boom from coronavirus crisis.” Some people may not know that Claris (formerly known as FileMaker, Inc) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple. The article states […]

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