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Let’s Play Business Automation Golf!

It is almost golfing season once again. This survey is like golf. Low scores are good scores. Too many strokes means your business is swinging like crazy and not making much progress down the green. The goal is to get that little ball into the hole with as little work as possible. In the same […]

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Automated Business

How Automated Is My Business, and how can FileMaker help?

Everybody likes to think they have a streamlined business, but how do you really know? And if not, how can you improve it with FileMaker? One of the great things about working with FileMaker Pro is seeing how quickly a business can move from disorganized to a fully automated business SYSTEM. And as I have […]

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The Rise of Citizen Developers

A whole new type of software is allowing business owners to DIY! It used to be that if you wanted software to run your business, you really only had two choices: buy something off the shelf, or hire an expensive developer to build your own. But with the emergence of what’s called “low-code software” many […]

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