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FileMaker in the Video Business Picture

How FileMaker is used in the Video Business

We have a number of clients who create, rent, or sell movies, videos and video equipment. This is a brief overview of how they use FileMaker to run their business. How to use FileMaker to advance your video business: 1. Use FileMaker to create a massive database of video clips One of our clients provides […]

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Let’s Play Business Automation Golf!

It is almost golfing season once again. This survey is like golf. Low scores are good scores. Too many strokes means your business is swinging like crazy and not making much progress down the green. The goal is to get that little ball into the hole with as little work as possible. In the same […]

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Database Market

Database Market Continues to Expand

A recent report shows that FileMaker and similar software markets continue to grow. This report is by Orbis, and here is the link to the full report. This is good news for anybody who is using FileMaker. This means that the market for this type of product continues to grow. So anybody who owns or […]

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Unstoppable Prosperity

Unstoppable Prosperity by Charles Payne Because we like to focus on helping small business owners grow and prosper by providing them with business automation systems and websites, I like to share once in a while books which I think will be found useful by the same. One important part of growing and prospering in your […]

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Read this Book: The Trusted Advisor

The Trusted Advisor by David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford is a classic volume, useful to anyone who wants to earn and keep the trust of their customers or clients. The book was written in the year 2000 and has gained prominence as an excellent, and thoughtful guide for any who […]

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