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What is FileMaker Pro?

About FileMaker

FileMaker Pro and its product line (Advanced, Server, Go, etc.) the most popular GUI-based cross-platform relational database system in the world. Millions of people use it, whether managing major corporations, small businesses, or not-for-profits to automate their business process and move their organizations forward. FileMaker is an extremely cost effective option for any sized business and works with your Windows and Mac systems. The FileMaker Go App can help you take your data on the go regardless of whether you own the FileMaker Software license.

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FileMaker Functions

FileMaker helps your business stay connected with web technologies and software. Our unique solutions help you stay up-to-date with many technologies. These include Instant Web Publishing, Custom Web Publishing, the built-in web viewer, and SMTP mailing. In addition, FileMaker also connects with SQL databases using ODBC connectivity, and can import and export Excel files, .csv, and tab-delimited. So whoever and whatever you want to connect to, FileMaker can do it for you! To learn more about the FileMaker product line, take a look at the FileMaker product site.