When HighPower is not your first choice

August 09, 2022
First Choice

What happens if the last project did not work out?

We have noticed a pattern in the last three months here at HighPower. Four times in the last three months, we have had new clients hire us, even though months earlier they had passed over us for a “less expensive” developer.

In most of these cases, our hourly rate was higher than whomever they went with.

But what they didn’t consider was that there are other things which can cost one’s business even more money than an hourly rate. Bad development can set your company back many months, as rebuilding bad software costs many times more than just paying enough to start with. Not getting good consulting and knowledgable expertise is expensive. Not working with a company that knows all of the licensing options available from Claris can be expensive as well. The reasons are varied, but the results of choosing the wrong developer are always painful.

We are always happy to have people come back to us, and graciously welcome them into our client family. The reasons for coming back to HighPower are varied. Sometimes it is because the previous developer simply had inferior development. But in many cases the reasons are more subtle like the other developer treated them poorly, took them for granted, failed to communicate regularly about what they were doing. One developer convinced his client to sign a contract that said he would be “always the exclusive developer”. Another one locked the client out of the application which they as the client owned! Another one did not tell them that he, that is the developer, would be the owner of their application, and they were only renting it from him!

At HighPower we operate by a simple principle: Treat others the way we would want to be treated.

So how do we recover or rebuild from a situation like this?

How to recover from a bad development experience, whether it is a FileMaker solution or a web solution, the steps are the same:

#1. Realize that every situation is different.

This is where you just have to take a mental refresh. Step back, take a deep, calming breath, and begin again. The internal and emotional battle has to be settled, so that you can think calmly and begin again. Sometimes clients have spent many thousands of dollars on a mistake, and it is very disheartening to hear that much of it is wasted. But each day is a new beginning, and one can begin again, and start building towards business automation success.

#2. HighPower will examine the work completed, and see what can be salvaged.

Our goal is not to soak the client for all new work if we can help it. We do not operate by the principle that “everything that other guy did was terrible”. Sometimes some of the work can be pretty good. So our goal is to save you money and keep what we can as we move forward.

#3. HighPower will make a recommendation for next steps.

During a process of Discovery, we will examine the relationship graph, the fields, the scripts, the layouts, and compare them to the objectives you have for your business application.

#4. If hired, we will give it our best to provide excellence, value, and integrity in all our work.

These are our company values:

Excellence – we want to do quality work, without cutting corners.

Values – we want to give you a good return for your financial investment.

Integrity – we want to treat others the way we would want to be treated. Because we know that trust is the key to long-term business relationships.

#5. Keep our eyes on the goal, which is that we want to “automate your success” by building a solution that helps your business to run more efficiently.

So, clients come to us from many different experiences, some good, and some not so great. In all cases, our goal is to do well by them, and help others to succeed. If you succeed in your business, then we succeed in ours.

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