Who’s Running Your Business?

October 03, 2020
William Miller

Did you think it was you? No, in many cases, it is your software that’s in charge.

Somewhere in a boardroom somewhere, someone decided the best way to run YOUR business. They decided the terminology which you would have to use for your “customers” or “clients”, your “projects” or “work orders” or “tasks” or “jobs”, etc. They decided the process you would have to go through to move a customer from prospect to client to job to invoice, etc. They decided how you would have to enter your data, and what kind of reports it could print out. It doesn’t matter if you had a different process or different terms, once you bought the software, you were committed to running your business their way, not yours.

If you don’t mind using the work flow which somebody else has written for you, that’s great. If you are OK, with their terminology for your business, then no problem. And if you like all the reports which somebody else has decided you need, then you are good to go. But, if you would like to print up your own types of reports, or you would like to use the workflow that best fits your business, or you would even like to use your own terminology for things like customers vs. clients, or jobs vs. work orders, etc. then you do have on option. You can make your own software.

Custom software is the way that successful businesses take control of their future. Custom software allows a business to focus on its core competencies without being distracted by the non-essentials.

Creating your own custom software to run your business is not as difficult as it may seem at first. All you need to do is contact HighPower Data Solutions and ask us to build you some super-great software to let you run your business.

It is really a choice between off-the-shelf software which kind-of runs your business the way you want to, or hand-crafted custom software which is perfectly designed to let you run your business perfectly. Give us a call.