Why is my FileMaker so slow – Part Two

January 28, 2021
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Environmental Factors which Affect FileMaker Speed

In my previous blog, I explained how a great FileMaker solution can get ruined by overuse of unstored calcs. You can read that piece here.

Besides the ten tips which I provide in the free white paper, almost all of which are a direct result of bad programming, there are other factors which have nothing to do with the internal FileMaker architecture or design.

The other factors which can affect FileMaker speed are what I call ‘environmental’ factors. That is, these are related to the physical hardware and internet systems to which you insert a FileMaker application.

You see it doesn’t matter how fast and speedy your FileMaker file is, if you stick it in a pokey slow system. So the hardware server box you are using, the networking routers and switches, the wifi network, the cable modem, the actual internet speed you have purchased, etc., all impact how your FileMaker system performs.

As mentioned in the previous blog, there are a number of steps you can take. You can download my two guides on this topic:
1. Ten Tips for Speeding up FileMaker
2. Four Factors for Faster FileMaker

The Ten Tips deals with how you design and program your FileMaker application. The Four Factors concern the physical environment in which you place your application file. They both need to be addressed if you want superfast and speedy FileMaker performance.

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