filemaker deleted records

Is FileMaker accidentally deleting my records?

Why a common fear of FileMaker users almost never happens We will sometimes get calls from clients who are concerned that their copy of Claris’ FileMaker is accidentally deleting records. Or sometimes we get the companion, related worry that FileMaker is not saving records they have entered. We will explain why these worries are unfounded. […]

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HighPower Web Design

HighPower Web Design

We have been doing websites for years. We thought we should tell you about it! Our focus as a company has always been business automation. We want to help businesses succeed by helping them to automate as many of their digital processes as they can. Or to take paper-based processes, and turn them digital. As […]

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How Themes Can Speed Up your FileMaker Application

Nobody likes a boring looking application! And that is why people like to add graphics, and colors, and text highlights, and sizes, and lots of other visual enhancements to their application. And there is (almost) nothing wrong with this. An application needs to be aesthetically pleasing or people don’t like using it. Before I get […]

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FileMaker in the Video Business Picture

How FileMaker is used in the Video Business

We have a number of clients who create, rent, or sell movies, videos and video equipment. This is a brief overview of how they use FileMaker to run their business. How to use FileMaker to advance your video business: 1. Use FileMaker to create a massive database of video clips One of our clients provides […]

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mountains in sunset

FileMaker Pro has “Staying Power”

And why that is both good and bad! FileMaker was officially started in April of 1985. That is over 36 years ago! There are not many software programs that are still around since that time. That is something really amazing about FileMaker. It originally started as a DOS-based program before that time, and was called […]

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Speed Up FileMaker

Three Programming Tips to Speed up FileMaker

From the author who wrote “Easy Apps!” comes three tips to speed up FileMaker I believe that the greatest problem encountered by FileMaker users is an unnecessarily slow FileMaker system. Why is it ‘unnecessarily slow’? Because if you program well, your FileMaker does not have to slow down even with tens of thousands of records. […]

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Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

Let Your Business Grow with HighPower Freelance Software

Your business system can be your number one bottleneck to growth. I purposefully used the phrase “let your business grow” rather than “help your business grow”. Here’s why; a healthy business should grow; that is what it does. If you are providing a good product or service, are treating your customers right, and have a […]

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FileMaker Update 19.4

FileMaker 19.4 is Here!

Claris’ Newest Offering in the FileMaker family builds on a solid set of releases in the version 19 space A few years back, Claris made a commitment to provide more frequent updates. Now, rather than having to wait for sometimes a year or more, they began offering releases almost every quarter. The change is most […]

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The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation & Your Business

How using FileMaker Pro can help you avoid the loss of valuable employees Recent studies have reported the following trends across America: • Professionals are not excited to go back to the office: 34% of workers who were remote are not excited about returning to the office, compared to 24% who are. • Remote work […]

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Claris, an Apple Company

FileMaker Pro by Claris, an Apple Company

Claris, the makers of FileMaker Pro, have clarified their relationship to Apple. FileMaker has been around for more than forty years. It was owned by a few different companies during its early years. One of those companies was Claris, which then changed their name to FileMaker, and a few years ago, they changed it back […]

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