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Freelance Software

Freelance Software: A Quick Overview

New Product Built with FileMaker Pro to Grow Your Own Freelance Agency HighPower Data Solutions is offering a new product on our product store. It is called “Freelance Software” and it is a fabulous tool for anyone who wants to grow their own freelance agency. Whether you are working with software, websites, or are a […]

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Business Process Checklist

Freelance Project Software: The Business Process Checklists

Building a SYSTEM is the name of the game if you are building a business. We often use the acronym here of SYSTEM, which stands for Saves You Stress, Time, Energy & Money. One of the cool functions of Freelance Project Software is that it will help you to build a SYSTEM into your business. […]

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Computer Software

HighPower Freelance Project Software: Licensing & Hosting Modules

Special project tracking options for freelance software agencies We specifically designed HighPower Freelance software to make it easy for software agencies to track their hosting & licensing data. We understand this, because we are also a software agency. We know that there is a LOT of data to track when it comes to licenses and […]

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upwork user

Freelance Software for Upwork Users

New Software makes it easier to run an Upwork agency I have been using Upwork for many years now to find FileMaker and web clients. It has been a useful tool, although not without its weaknesses. Since I am a FileMaker developer, I decided to write my own software for tracking my clients and projects. […]

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HighPower Freelance Software: the Worklog

Software for Freelancers Who Want to Grow their Business One part of HighPower Freelance Software which we use every single day is the Worklog. The worklog tracks every Task we do. It identifies what Project is being performed for which Client. It lists the Rate, the Hours worked, and the amount earned during that time. […]

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HighPower Freelance Software

Project Tracking Software for Freelancers We’ve finally landed on a new name for the software which we have been developing for nine months now: HighPower Freelance. This is Project Tracking Software for Freelancers. We came to this conclusion in recognition of the fact that it is basically freelance work and our freelance software which has […]

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